How to improve self esteem


Many people suffer from low self-esteem issues without most of them realizing it. Different factors like verbal, sexual or physical abuse, especially during childhood can cause this condition even during adulthood. Some of the common signs of this condition include lack of self-confidence,
eating disorders, withdrawal from social circles and anxiety. If not handled well, it can have adverse effects like increased stress and depression,
together with loneliness. It’s advisable to deal with this type of problem as soon as one realizes because if can be dangerous otherwise. Some of the ways to improve self esteem include:


The first step to finding a solution to any kind of problem is usually recognizing and accepting that there’s a problem. Accept that you have low self esteem before you start trying to figure out how to improve it. Living in denial can only cause you more harm since it will stop you from seeking remedial measures.

Identify the root cause 

If your esteem issues come from someone close to you being abusive, you need to distance yourself away from them. If it’s from another source like a traumatized past you need to find help even if it’s in form of a therapy. All these start by you pinpointing the exact time it started and identifying the subsequent triggers.

Stay positive

Identifying your personality and loving it as part of who you are is very helpful in this case, since it will help you avoid harboring negative thoughts about yourself. Love yourself and keep a positive attitude all the time and it will transfer into your self-esteem. Avoid comparing yourself to others especially on social media, keeping in mind that you’re unique. Positive thinking can help you determine your value and thus help you overcome or withstand any form of negativity, even if it comes from those around you.

Find a confidant

People struggling with self esteem issues find it easier to stay in solitary for fear of being judged or not meeting everyone else’s expectations. This usually leads to extreme loneliness and depression, especially when they feel they cannot confide in anyone. Find a close friend or family member you can talk to about your problems and who always encourages you in your endeavors. Avoid confiding in people who only make fun of you or find pleasure in putting you down.

Find a hobby

This is usually something you’re passionate about and can do well. Find an activity that you can excel in and focus your energy on that. Set a goal towards what you want to achieve in that area and ensure you achieve it. Just make sure that it’s something that can help you or those around you like voluntary work, learning a new language or writing.

After a certain age, you might need help to keep the quality of your life. This is where your family and your beloved ones are involved. It is great to have them around but they have their own life too. At that stage you can reach out for medical home health care


Sometimes those struggling with self esteem choose to suffer in silence and can resort to hurting themselves or those around them because they may be feeling hopeless, hated and/or unwanted. It’s therefore advisable to reach out to anyone who shows such symptoms so they can be helped. If you try helping them and you think your efforts aren’t yielding success, it’s better to refer them to a professional. Remember that such a person could be going through a lot of pain so you should be very gentle and considerate when dealing with them.