Most Common Plastic Surgery Treatments

No one was created perfectly, and when the majority of people have accepted this fact and moved on, there is a significant number of the population that is willing to go the next mile of changing the physical imperfections via plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has come a long way and in the past decade, it has gained mass appeal then world over. It is a scientific art – described by a Dallas plastic surgeon – that is evolving every day with new discoveries being made on a daily basis.



From non-surgical to injectables, there has been a significant rise in the numbers of people interested in plastic surgery and 2017 stood out as the year when most plastic surgeries were conducted. According to the ASPS report, over 17.5 million plastic surgery procedures were conducted in 2017 alone. This illustrates the popularity of and growing demand of plastic surgery in the country.

Over the years, the association of plastic surgery doctors has significantly improved their procedure and revised some of those that were benched such as the injectable. Botox injection for example which had some rumors of side effects some years ago has become more popular than most of the injectables. In 2017 there were over 2.69 million
recorded Botox injection procedures according to the ASPS.

Due to proven effectiveness, Botox has gained popularity and the plastic surgery doctors are more optimistic that the number of Botox procedures will be higher in 2018. Dallas plastic surgeons are saying that other injectables will never eclipse the capabilities of Botox.

Ideally, there are several plastic surgeries that are conducted on the skin, body and face and many more that have not yet been invented. However, with the leads from the American Association of plastic surgery doctors, we have compiled a list of the most popular and most sort after procedures both in America and the rest of the world.

Common Plastic Surgery Treatments

Liposuction: Almost everyone has a trouble spot that does not impress no matter how much you try to keep fit. Some people have stubborn arms, chins, thighs and hips that won’t reduce to a desirable shape even after work out. Plastic surgery has devised a way of eliminating such stubborn spots via the liposuction plastic surgery. A small incision around the affected area is made and using a cannula, the surgeon vacuums out the excess fat around the area. The results are seen after the inflammation has subsided.



Botox Injection: as highlighted earlier, Botox has proven to be one of the most successful plastic surgery procedures. This injection procedure works by paralyzing the muscles on the face such as the forehead and around the eyes such that the patient gets a smooth flawless skin. It removes the wrinkles by restricting the movement of muscles. However, this procedure has to be conducted regularly to maintain the desired result. This procedure has gained popularity especially due to the short recovery time.

Face-lift Plastic surgery: as old age kicks in, or skin sags and wrinkles in specific parts of the body. As one ages, the fat deposits around some parts of your face such as below the eye and the forehead gets depleted and leaves behind excess skin which fold into wrinkles. A face lift procedure is the best plastic surgery to restore a younger look on older patients. This is done by snipping the skin behind the ears and the hair line. The fat is re-sculpted and the skin is re-draped until a desired look is achieved.

Breast Augmentation: there are various reasons as to why this surgery has become very popular among women. However, one of the main reasons for this surgery is to increase of fill the breasts after significant loss emanating from pregnancy or loss of weight. The surgeon chooses between silicone and saline depending on the elasticity of the patient’s skin. It is important to note that women in the fashion and sex industries prefer to use this surgery as well in order to increase the size of their breasts to a desirable size. Other breast plastic surgeries include breast reduction, breast lift and breast reconstruction.

Eyelid Surgery:this surgery is popular with both old and youthful patients. It serves to remove wrinkles in older people, sagged eye bags and puffiness. This surgery has also been popular among Asian models wishing to change their eye line for a more English look. The surgery is conducted and on concealable areas around the eye such as along the lash line. It eliminates excess skin and tightens the muscles around the eye to give an ppealing result.




Research states that the more people are becoming confident with plastic surgery talks, the more the procedures are increasing. It is clear that plastic surgery is becoming more common by the day. While this trend may not be wrong, the experts recommend that before getting a plastic surgery procedure conducted on your, you should consult from a certified physician about the appropriateness of the procedure. This is especially recommended for injectable procedures such as Botox. Some procedure may be easy to administer but just as easily, having a lay physician conduct the procedure may lead to a terrible outcome. Be sure to consult first before getting the surgery for better and safer outcomes.